Case Study | Botlink Brand Positioning

Rob Burke
Posted on
February 26, 2022

Story brings empathy to a tech-focused marketplace

The drone industry is a saturated market with new players to the game every day. Companies like Botlink continue to develop the market and implement drone tech into industries like Agriculture and construction. Botlink is a drone operations platform that connects drones to the industry and gives operators real-time access to the data they collect.

How does a company differentiate themselves from the competition in such a saturated market? By positioning the customer as the hero, we set them apart from the rest of the industry who focuses instead on themselves. We focused on the internal desires and feelings and talked directly to the main question that such an emerging industry faces: "Why is this change a good thing?" How would it benefit their lives? How would it change their business and life?

Larger than the product

As buyers we rarely choose which brand we support solely on statistics and price; what draws us to the leaders in an industry is their empathy towards our own life experiences–– How you are similar to that company, how you feel about that topic, what your goals are. Botlink has positioned themselves as a thought leader in their industry by speaking to the larger topic, how change affects the customer's lives, rather than focusing on their product.

Statistics in the right place

Story connects the viewer and gives them a desire to know more about a company. By starting with story, we create a brand identity for Botlink and, at the same time, qualify customers who want to know more about the product. Statistics and product specifications are then desired information the customer is searching for.

Stories are powerful; they are what drive our relationships and why we feel loyalty to brands. When we focus on the customer and position them as the hero, we can bridge the gap between advertising and relating to our audience.

Learn more about story before statistics.

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