Our team

Founded by Rob Burke and run with a network of experts, Yarn operates on the idea that your projects need the right expertise. Being able to onboard when needed from our network is how we keep agile enough for any project.

For over 15 years, Rob has been behind the camera in a myriad of roles. From large productions in NY to small productions across the world, Rob brings experience and creative passion to each project he directs.

Rob Burke
CEO | Creative Director

A crowning combo of both Type A and Type B traits, Ali has been a Producer at Yarn for 2 years, bringing a balance of detailed organization and gregarious sociability. Whether it's working with a team or seamlessly behind the scenes, Ali thrives by helping make sure every project goes smoothly and successfully.

Ali Burke

As the newest member of the Yarn family, Katie is most known for her can-do attitude. Her primary role is taking any and all projects from discovery to delivery with a combined passion of getting things done and having a good time.

Katie Morrow
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What our clients say

"Yarn’s team is a group of professionals that get the job done right while being a trusted partner throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Yarn to any business looking to enhance their messaging in an era of video-dominated content."

Jake Joraanstad

"When it came to telling our Wishing Well story through video, we knew Rob and his incredibly talented team were the perfect match for us. I was so impressed how they were able to capture such raw emotion and tell the story through video better than I could have ever tried to explain it myself."

Shelley Szudera
Choice Bank

“We came in with a basic idea and they handled the rest, including the script-writing, coordination of products and people needed for the project, the shooting/editing, and everything else.”

Jack Yakowicz
Office Sign Company

“The Yarn team has the perfect blend of strong creative vision but are also highly accommodating. They delivered perfectly on our vision, but made it better.”

Alison Vetter

"Yarn was truly a joy to work with. I love that they took so much care and consideration in really learning our brands and helping us key in on the stories we were trying to tell."

Morgan Miller