Yarn's Acquisition

Rob Burke
Posted on
October 22, 2020

Today I get to announce a new adventure for Yarn that I am so excited for. Yarn will be joining the BNG Team!

BNG has been a client of Yarn's for over two years and we have seen firsthand how they operate with integrity and a passion for people. So when they approached me a month ago with the idea of acquiring Yarn to grow their internal production team, it was hard for me to find a reason not to say yes. 

For the last six years I have built Yarn on a few core values: Relationship, Quality, Integrity, and Impact. I have seen how the BNG Team embodies every single one of those values and we couldn't have found a more perfect company to partner with.

For those who don't know who BNG is or what they do, you most likely have interacted with one of their point of sale systems in a coffee shop or restaurant and didn't know it. BNG is headquartered out of Fargo and has a mission to help small to medium sized businesses grow with tools and resources beyond a credit card terminal and it is exciting to become a part of that vision. BNG also has a heart for making an impact in their community and the world, which is a major piece of what Yarn was built on as well.

So what does this mean for the Yarn brand? There is, of course, a bittersweetness to this change as we sunset the Yarn name. Starting November, Yarn will no longer take on any new projects as our team begins the transition of operating under the BNG name.

I've had the privilege to work with so many creatives and for so many clients (you know who you are), who have in no small way helped shape Yarn as it grew. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of Yarn and for entrusting us with your brands over the years.

We aren't going away, only changing names!

So here's to new adventures!

- Rob Burke

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